The following description of the Trillium path is shared from http://www.trilliumawakening.org/is-this-you/, with permission:

If you’re like many who are attracted to Trillium Awakening offerings, you feel a fundamental tension at the core of your being that you don’t know how to resolve.

You might…

…have invested tremendous resources working on yourself, with limited results

…have spent years trying to transcend human limitation through spiritual seeking

…long for freedom, wellness and wholeness

…yearn to know your true, authentic and divine nature

…feel that your life strategies are no longer working

…feel discouraged that you haven’t attained the results you had hoped for

If this sounds like you, take heart! You’re likely experiencing a deep longing for awakening, and are ready for a different approach—one that allows you to drop effortlessly into the truth of who you really are.

Trillium Awakening has helped hundreds of people achieve stable, embodied awakening. The only prerequisite is sincere interest, and willingness to give it a try with the support of our community of teachers, mentors, and other practitioners.

Even if you’ve already experienced some form of awakening, you might be drawn to this work if you are oriented towards embodiment and mutuality, or if you want to connect with others who can see you in your totality and engage with you in awakened life.

We welcome you to this powerful work. We’re happy to guide you and support your journey to stable, integrated awakening.

What can you expect from this path?

You could experience embodied awakening in a very short time. This happens for a remarkable percentage of practitioners; the average is two years.

Most likely, you’ll shift from feeling fundamentally confused, separate, and inadequate to “landing” in direct knowing of your divinely human nature—not just conceptually, but as a lived, embodied experience. As your awakening integrates over time, you will learn to be kinder to yourself and others, knowing that we all share the predicament of being mortal and limited beings.

The Trillium work also invites you to find your authentic voice and passion. You’ll gain access to your full range of feelings, and be empowered to express them with care. You’ll find greater capacity to “show up,” and live your potential in ways you might never have imagined.

The path is at times challenging. Issues of ego and shadow arise to be integrated, as do powerful new feelings of wellness, ease, radiance and presence. You develop deep trust, confidence, and peace that persist through life’s ups and downs. You discover new possibilities, your relationships transform, and your life becomes an expression of what really matters.

Spiritual awakening is entirely possible… for you. Our support network of awakened teachers and mentors are here to guide you.