Mutuality Group: October 4, 2020

Sunday, October 4, 2020
10:15 am to 12:30pm
Online, on Zoom
(inquire for details on)
No charge

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Mutuality Groups are one of the principle practices of the Trillium path. In them, participants share their ongoing spiritual journeys while being held in positive regard, safety, and acceptance by a trained teacher. Though the process is deceptively simple, the results of this work go deep, supporting one’s healing, integration, and ultimately awakening to nondual realization. Newcomers are welcome!

In these gatherings we hold each other as complete, whole, and deep-down intelligent beings. We look for and sense with all our senses for how that intelligence is showing itself in all the moments of life –  in the sacred, transcendent, mundane, and everyday. We are invited to use the time to be with ourselves, with our longings for greater life, with our longings for healing of our relationships. We refrain from offering “solutions” to others and instead mirror back what we’re hearing from them – we help each person find, feel, see their innate, always present intelligence and knowing sense. When this really happens, the whole group can feel elevated, enveloped by “grace,” healed and brought to a new level of aliveness. If you are interested in awakening and if this description speaks to you I invite you to consider attending a Mutuality Group!

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