Trillium Awakening Chicago

Trillium Awakening Chicago supports healing, integration and awakening to embodied nondual awareness as well as life as an awake person in the world. We are part of Trillium Awakening, an international organization “dedicated to healing, guiding, and inspiring the fullest awakening of self, society and the world.”*

Trillium Awakening™ courses and services can help you awaken, transform your life, and find lasting wholeness. In this process, you stably realize your divinely human nature—not just conceptually, but as a lived experience.

As you recognize that you are both infinite and finite, you relax deeply into this paradox and find you’re no longer solely identified with your human self. You now know yourself as a finite embodiment of infinite Consciousness.

This powerful transformation is known as the second birth, and represents a stable shift in your fundamental sense of self. You recognize yourself, others, and everything to be intrinsic parts of the unified wholeness we call Being.

The Trillium process is not a shortcut to perfection, nor is perfection a prerequisite for awakening. In fact, your process actually quickens when you bring compassionate awareness to your human patterns and conditioning, and relax your efforts to work on yourself. You transcend in this path by including everything and excluding nothing.

(shared, with permission, from
*from the Mission Statement of Trillium Awakening.